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Flagyl uses

If you have a recurring sin that you can’t seem to escape, expanding repentance prayers by doing more than just asking for forgiveness can often break the cycle. When you understand that something is wrong (sinful), you pray that you will stop, and yet you don’t, then you have gotten trapped in what I call a sin cycle.
The danger of a sin cycle is that it can trap you spiritually from moving forward. You are like a man trying to walk down a path with one foot

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Flagyl uses

Minefield Warning Sign

Mine Field Warning Sign

In a recent post on prayer pitfalls I shared that sometimes I fail to plan for changed behavior around sins I have confessed.  That insight came to me several years ago while reflecting upon how to get out of sins I couldn’t seem to escape. Also, around that time I realized that repentance was a process and that if I missed parts of the process then I got stuck in certain sins.  If you want to know more about that process then please read the post, The Process of Repenting. You may gain from that article some understanding of why you are

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