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Lenten Devotional, Day 20, Holy Expectancy, (episode 80)

I discovered two house finch eggs today. About a week ago, I noticed a male and female house finch building a nest above a light fixture on the outside of our garage. I’ve been checking it periodically for eggs, and woohoo, discovered two today.

I’m not sure when those eggs were laid because I had not checked the nest since mid last week. However, Friday, I was working near the nest and the momma and daddy were extremely protective. I’m guessing the eggs had been laid.

The promise of new life is so exciting. We have a couple in our church for whom

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Lenten Devotional, Day 17, Four Ways to Respond to God Faithfully, (episode 77)

Sitting out in nature comes with great gifts and even greater responsibility. First, scripture basically says that we can know God fully through nature, so much so that none of us have any excuse for not believing. Specifically, this appears in Romans 1:20.

“For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.”

Stop and think about this for a moment. According to the word of God, you can know God’s eternal power and divine nature in the things God has made. So, if  you want to understand the invisible attributes of

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Lenten Devotional, Day 16, Have Fun, (episode 76)

I gave myself a much break this weekend.  Saturday was an extremely long day due to an out-of-town meeting. Plus, the day followed a series of long days and late nights. I can’t describe how tired I was. I had to pull over and nap in my car to safely drive home.

So when I finally got home Saturday evening, I made a judgment call to forego writing up my sit spot time and producing my podcast until Sunday. In over fifteen years of Lenten disciplines, I can’t tell you when I have ever not delivered on my intention.

This was a wise choice

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Lenten Devotional, Day 13, Mix it Up (episode 73)

I have a clear routine for my devotional time. Each day, roughly at the same time of day, I sit in a chair on my patio. I set a timer for fifteen minutes. I give thanks for roughly five minutes. I then pay attention to my senses for the next ten minutes. When my timer goes off I make an entry in my “oblog” (observation log).

I even have a routine for my oblog. I record the weather: time, temperature cloud cover, wind direction and speed. I record general observations; particularly, noting anything new. I write about beast sightings, meaning disruptive thoughts that interrupt me observing. I list questions. And lastly, I drop down a few initial thoughts on what

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Lenten Devotional, Day 12, Trouble Tree (episode 72)

Well today, was just another absolutely beautiful day in Jonesboro, Arkansas. The temperature was moderate, the bird’s and squirrels were abundantly active. I even saw my first scuffle between Robins. This was most likely male-to-male aggression as birds begin establishing their territory. That’s a common phenomenon to expect in the spring.

The way to spot this is to watch for two bird’s physically and vocally going after each other hard, until one peels away and flies off. I count on the one left behind becoming the new sheriff in town.

One of the miraculous wonders of sitting in nature everyday is how worries have a way of diminishing or sometimes completely evaporating.  I’m remind of an old story called the “Trouble

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Lenten Devotional, Day 10, Chasing Light(episode 70)

Yesterday morning I was photographing the first daffodils appearing in my yard, and today I am analyzing snow melts. The swiftness with how rapidly things can change is astounding. One sit I did in the warmth of the sun. My next sit held just over twenty-four hours later I did beneath the stars and was fighting not to give into the cold. Ironically, in both cases what caught my attention was phenomenon dependent on the sun.

During the day, as I photographed the daffodils, I moved around to the far side of them because the blooms were all facing away from me towards the sun. When plants track the sun, it’s known as phototropic behavior. Realizing these plants are always

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