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Build Intimacy with Adoration

Few things build intimacy in a relationship more quickly than telling someone, “I love you” and then letting them know why. This is equally true in our relationship with God. Most people have little or no problem offering thanks to God, but some seem to struggle with just adoring God for who God is. That was certainly my story until a couple of years ago. A shift for me occurred one day when I was reading Psalm 18. It offered me a pattern for adoring God. A pattern that was easy to apply.

First, David simply said to God, “I love You.” Stop and think about how very simple that is, but when have you last given God a heart felt, “I love You!”

Then in the Psalm David spends a good bit of time just recognizing God for who God is. You can do this saying things like–“God you are my Rock, my Refuge, and my sure and certain hope. You are my friend, my provider, my Savior. You are everything to me. You are powerful and you are mighty. You are steadfast in your love and forgiving.”

A third form of adoration you will find in Psalm 18, is simply recognizing what God has done. In your life it might look something like this–“God you have lifted me up when I was feeling hopeless. You have provided for me at every turn. Sometimes even before I realized my own need. You have given me a great family, a great job, and a wonderful church. God you have…”

It’s that simple. “God I love you. You are…. and You have…”

Take some prayer time now and just adore God for who God is and what God has done in your life. Doing so brought a greater closeness and intimacy into my relationship with my Creator than I would have ever anticipated. Others who have tried this simple three-fold path of praise have reported similar results. Blessings to you.

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