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Bible Reading Guide, the easiest one ever

My Bible Table of Contents with All Books Checked. Yeah!!! Click for a Closer Look.

Yesterday, I completed reading the Bible again using the simplest plan ever.  Please Note—This is the simplest plan not necessarily the best or most effective plan.  I simply made a check mark every day next to whatever chapters I read and resisted reading anything that was already checked.  That was it.  It’s nothing fancy or complex.  I just checked off chapters and when I completed a book I went and put a check next to it in the table of contents.  I new that eventually I would finish.  Eventually, was yesterday.


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Inductive Bible Study Method

In yesterday’s post, I shared a one man’s experience of reading the New Testament and I recommended that you do you own study work first before leaping to commentaries or other references.  I realized afterward that is all well and good to encourage you to do this, but it doesn’t do much good if you don’t have any idea how to do that or a method to use.  Well, God is good and last night a young man I am mentoring shared with me a very clear well-developed inductive Bible study method.  If you are unfamiliar with inductive Bible study, in short,  it is a process of systematically making observations to draw general conclusions about a passage.

I have used a variety of inductive Bible study methods over the years and find

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40 Day Bible Reading Guide for the Gospel of John

I have just added a 40 day Bible reading guide for the Gospel of John to the Lent Resource page.  It is a check list along with some tips on how to be consistent in your Bible reading.  While this list is set up as a Lenten discipline it really could be used over any 40 day period.  This list begins on a Wednesday and ends on a Saturday six weeks later.  Sunday’s are free days for catching-up or reflecting on a reading that grabbed you from earlier in the week.  I did this because traditionally Sundays are not included in the count of 40 days of Lent.

Last year a member of my church took on reading the Gospel of Luke in 40 days. That discipline got

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