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“Tips On Prayer, A Quickstart Guide to Improving Your Prayer Life”, is now free on, but for just 5 days.

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Here’s what readers are saying about it on Amazon:

Strong Stuff. This book is exactly what the title promises – “A Quickstart Guide To Improving Your Prayer Life”. Arnold isn’t interested in simply getting you to think about prayer – he really wants you to pray. Towards that end this book is a treasure trove of practical resources that will be helpful whether prayer is new to you or you have been engaged in an active and ongoing prayer life. I would highly recommend this text to Sunday School classes, Bible study groups and Small Groups. It is acessible and, again, there is stuff in here that people can go and do right now. –George C. Love

Tips to Truly Get You Started. I myself have always had a struggle getting into a consistent and meaningful prayer life. What Rev. Arnold brings in this compact guide are practical, manageable, and simplistically meaningful ways to begin that devotion to prayer. The great thing about this book is that you can take one piece, just one piece, out of it and see an impact made in your life. Rev. Arnold gives you so much in this brief guide to prayer that can make an immediate impact today. At the same time, it lends itself to the reader to come back to it again and again and build upon what you have already done. Also, this book deals with the reality of prayer. It addresses the issues that get in the way of our prayer life-mainly ourselves. Rev. Arnold tells us as well the difficulties and the hard work it takes to make our prayer time work, but provides encouragement and motivation to start as soon as you finish reading his book. From a methodical and strategical person who wants to build on their prayer life, to the person just trying to get something going, this book gives everyone something to move forward so they can deepen their lives as a whole. I would write more, but I need to go pray! –By Jeremy Cain Wilhelmi

Thank you for writing this book. Only halfway through but had to stop and say thank you. Not only thank you for myself, but thank you for my children. Great information and great way to lead by example for my kids. The resources are great too. The author obviously lives it. Practicing what he preaches comes through in his writing. This book is highly recommended. by Ricky Reader

Tips that can help anyone. Great information to strengthen my prayer life. For a Christian who desires to “pray without ceasing” as Scripture commands, this book is a great help. Reverend Arnold gives excellent insight into why we need a healthy prayer life and how we can maintain one. The book touches on the importance of incorporating Scripture into one’s daily prayers as well as how to keep focus, often a struggle for me. Arnold articulates the situation well: “I call it monkey mind. Your thoughts just keep swinging non-stop from one direction to another.” I think the prayer methods suggested are relevant, simple and effective. I especially liked the “Five Finger Prayer” as a tool to teach children. As a parent and a Sunday School teacher, that will come in handy. Arnold also provides practical tools for keeping a prayer journal and tips on how to use singing to enhance your prayer walk.

I think the power of the book’s message is summed up in this quote. “You are always in God’s presence and God is perpetually speaking to you. God speaks through the beauty of nature, friends, family members and even strangers.” I find this truth to be incredibly humbling and awe inspiring. I have a deeper understanding now that prayer is not just an act; it is a way of life. –by O. Carroll “NC”

This book had great tips that can help anyone who wants to rev up their connection with God through prayer. It was especially nice to read that the author struggled with prayer early in his life too. Sometimes it is good to hear that others need a routine too. I liked that it included different styles of prayer and references to prayers in the Bible. –Kathy Wheeler

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John Arnold
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