25 Nov 2009

Happy Thanksgiving and a word to post T-day shoppers.

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Blessings to you on Thanksgiving Day.  I hope you take time to express your thanks to God.  Consider slipping off on your own for 30 minutes to just sit in God’s presence and with joy voice all of the ways you have seen God’s gracious hand at work over the last year.  Extol God for who God is.  Let God know just how much you love Him.  You might find it meaningful to journal a gratitude list.

Lastly, for all you shoppers on Friday.  Realize how little of your gratitude on Thursday probably had to do with things.  When you buy, buy thoughtfully.  Find gifts that will make a meaningful difference in someone’s life.  Be a good steward.  Recognize that jumbo sale may not be such a savings if it floats around on a credit card for a while.  Don’t get sucked into hype.  Just purchase those things that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt will bring gratitude and meaning into someone else’s life.

Again, thank you for reading The Practical Disciple

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