19 Aug 2010

Inductive Bible Study Links Fixed

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In a prior post I had recommended an inductive bible study method by the campus ministry Stumo and I had links to there handouts.  I recently revisited my post and discovered that the links in the post and on my  resource page were broken.  Seems Stumo decided to rework their site which left my links dangling with nothing on the other end.  Well, the links are fixed and I have copies of the method stored on my server so this won’t be a problem again.  I am sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone.  Here are the new links.

Stumo Inductive Bible Study, page 1

Stumo Inductive Bible Study, page 2

If you are unfamiliar with inductive bible study, essentially you study by first making observations.  Then, from your observations you try to understand the meaning of the text.  Lastly, you seek to apply what you have learned.   The Stumo outline is a rather thorough template for studying a passage.   I highly recommend you take the time to look it over and give it a try.  Working your way through this method with a group can be a great bible study exercise.

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