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8 Mar 2011

Lenten Ideas 12 Pack

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Click the icon above to download 12 free printable pdfs of my favorite Lenten ideas. You are free to use these in your church, women’s group, men’s group, youth group, etc. We are in the 11th hour before Lent, but I thought this to be an easiest way to make some really great Lenten ideas readily accessible to you.
Included in The Practical Disciple Lenten 12 Pack are the following reproducible handouts:

  • 40 Bags in 40 Days–a discipline to eliminate clutter and excess.  This is THE discipline that got me revved up about doing something during Lent
  • A model for daily confession–A classic prayer used as a template for examining your sins daily
  • The Examen–A classic prayer discipline that nurtures awareness of God’s activity in your life
  • Faith Pegs–4 biblical intentions to guide you daily
  • Fast and Contribute–Fast weekly and contribute the money saved to feed the hungry
  • John in 40 Days–The Gospel of John broken down into 40 daily readings
  • Luke in 40 Days–The Gospel of John broken down into 40 daily readings
  • Mark in 40 Days–The Gospel of make broken down into 40 daily readings, plus on the back is a daily scripture journaling technique I have been using for over 25 years.  Love it!
  • Media Fast–Give up television, facebook, twitter, texting or some other media habit that is sucking away your time
  • Tame the Tongue–Three daily intentions quench the fire of your tongue and redirect it to build the body of Christ
  • Top 40 Bible Stories–These are the top 40 bible stories Glenn McDonald recommends in his book The Disciple Making Church
  • Love Notes–Write a handwritten note every day to encourage, thank or show someone your love and appreciation.

Hope this is helpful.  I highly encourage you to pick one of these lenten ideas.

So What Am I Going to Do?

I am going to spend 30 minutes a day in my brand new prayer closet. Last night I gutted one side of my bedroom closet to make some space for God in my life. It’s not very big–about 28 inches wide and may be 5 feet long (emphasis on the may be). This morning before going to work I mounted a small shelf on the wall to hold my bible, candle, ‘prayer catch’ and prayer jar. The ‘prayer catch’ is a tiny notebook I am carrying with me to capture pray needs that pop up during the day. You can read about the prayer jar described in yesterday’s post by clicking here.
Tomorrow, I will let you in on how I will spend time in my prayer closet. With any luck I will have pics and/or videos to show you. I can’t wait to see what God will do in the next 40 days in the lives of those committing to disciplines.
Peace and Blessings,
John Arnold
The Practical Disciple

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