Lesson 14- Using A Planner


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Using A Planner

Throughout this mini-course I have referenced my planner multiple times. I use the 7 Minute Life Daily Planner by Allyson Lewis. I like it because it consolidates many of the tools that I have shared with you into one convenient place. My 90 goals, unfinished tasks, 5 before 11 lists, appointments, contacts and much more are all integrated into one life tool. In this lesson I walk you through how I use her system. You don’t have to use the 7 Minute Life Daily Planner. You could create your own binder with all of its elements in it, but why bother when someone has already done the work for you. It’s also very adaptable.

After I shot my video, I discovered that Allyson has a series of videos in which she explains the daily progress report section of her planner. It’s the heart of the planner and what I go to daily. You can watch these videos below. They are only about 2 minutes a piece. The nice thing about these videos is that you can see some close up shots of the planner pages and Allyson covers some sections that I don’t. I highly recommend you watch both my video and hers.

Daily Progress Report Part I (1:53 min.)


Daily Progress Report Part II (2:13 min.)

Daily Progress Report Part III (1:23 min.)

Daily Progress Report Part IV, Page 2 (2:05 min.)


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  • 7 Minute Life Daily Planner
  • Or…

  • Get a binder and create sections in it for your goals, unfinished tasks, appointments, contacts, notes throughout the day, etc. It’s important that you not just have a calendar but a life planning tool, a tool that will help you coordinate all aspects of your life.


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