13 Apr 2018

One Bible Study Question to Push Your Growth Edge [Episode #36]

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The depth of your bible study understanding will always be driven by the depth of your questions. I learned this in college when I first began avidly journaling about my daily scripture reading.

I had a simple process that closely mirrored a now popular journaling method called the SOAP Bible Journaling Method, which stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer. My process contained one question that’s lacking in the SOAP model. This one question will help you find the edge of your understanding and push that edge. Listen to the five minute Friday segment to discover what that question is.

If you don’t journal either your prayer life or your bible study observations, I would encourage you to do so. You’ll find that journaling increases your attention dramatically. Journaling will also increase your retention of what you do read. You just can’t really go wrong taking time down to write out your thoughts and observations as you read the bible.


You can get started by using the SOAP method. I’ve bundled a fill-in-the-blank SOAP worksheet with my One Year Bible Reading Toolkit. You’ll find a download link below.

Listen to podcast episode 5, if you would like step-by-step instructions for following the soap method.

Bible Reading bundleThe One Year Bible Reading Tool Kit. This helpful guide contains access to thirteen proven Bible reading plans, plus five easy to use strategies that have helped me successfully read the Bible everyday for over thirty years.
The SOAP Bible Journaling Cheat Sheet. Use this printable PDF with writing prompts to help you easily understand the Bible more quickly.

Click below to get your copy of both resources.


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