6 Oct 2009

Prayer Journaling 3, Resistance

When I start a new spiritual discipline I have a lot energy around it, but after a couple of weeks when the novelty of newness wears off I find that I start resisting doing it.  I discovered this past Sunday many of our youth are just like me.  They are still working hard at their prayer journals, but the second week it was harder to be motivated.  We are at the intersection of “wanting” and “committed”.   The difference between wanting something and being committed to it is whether or not you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

My experience has been that in every new discipline you reach a crunch point where you gain enough experience that you start questioning whether or not your really want to continue. Most people don’t consciously process this.  They tend to just start resisting the discipline.  If you start missing a discipline you may not be committed to it.  Another possibility is that you may just need some strategies to keep your momentum to get you past a very natural resistance.  In today’s brief video, I reiterate and review the importance of triggers.  You might not have found that necessary starting out, but now it could be your best friend for consistency.  You can also maintain momentum by altering your discipline slightly.  So, today’s video ends with a new addition to your journaling process.  Check it out and blessings to you as you strive for commitment.

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