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You Are Invited, Read the Bible in One Year with Me

Okay, so I decided the other day that reading the Bible daily is so important that not only am I going to give you a one year bible reading plan that works, I am going to walk alongside you and give you the support you need to succeed. When I wrote a post recently on six reasons people fail when they try to read the bible in one year I almost included a seventh, ‘Going it alone.’ It really helps to have some kind of support and encouragement. So, I am going to provide it.
I am going to follow the plan I created and release reading tips and insights along the way for anyone who would like to join me. Consider this your official invite to come join the fun of reading through the Bible together.

Here is how to get the plan and start receiving free tips.

Just enter your first name and email address in the box below. You will quickly receive an email with a confirmation link that you need to click. That link protects both of us from unwanted spam. So watch for it. There is no cost to register and your email address will not be shared with anyone else. You will simply get great tips and suggestions about once a week to help you read the bible book by book.
I hope you will join me in following this Bible reading plan for one year.

Make This The Year

You Read The Bible!

Receive FREE Bible reading plans,

tips and weekly support.

(Note: email subscribers if you do not see a box above then goto the website, and join via the opt-in box in the right side bar.)
The New Year is about to begin, so I hope you won’t hesitate. I look forward to reading with you,
John Arnold
The Practical Disciple

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  • I like the idea of encouraging people to go it together! What a great way to encourage each other daily to not be hardened by sin but rather to seek the Word.

    I have some more tips on reading the Bible in a year:

    Paul Ireland 10 years ago

  • Thanks Paul. Comments are one of the things that encourage me to blog, so I appreciate you taking time to comment. Blessing as you dig into God’s Word.

    admin 10 years ago

  • I have been planning on starting the new year off with a new plan. I have been doing this for two years now (this would be my third), but I haven’t started yet. Last year I found a great way to do a reading plan using this way I don’t have to create the plans – only chose them, and I can read on my phone or computer and it will update it all the time. You can even follow users with their community area. I am listed here: This year I have thought about doing my reading plan differently, I think I am going to go Chronologically. How is your plan going so far?

    Matthew Parrott 10 years ago

  • @Matt, Thanks for sharing the bible reading resource. Every tool helps. It’s early in the plan, but so far, it’s been very good. I am making notes as I go through and will make adjustments next year. The feedback has been excellent. There are currently 50+ readers registered. Others are joining daily. I am seriously considering the possibility of adding a community forum when there are over 100 readers registered. I find community a vital peace of the puzzle of understanding scripture. Blessings to you in your reading and again thank you so much for the link.

    admin 10 years ago

  • […] etc. Second, I have researched and written my own summaries of the books of the Bible for my Through The Bible in A Year Program (well…okay, I am behind still by about a dozen books but should have them finished within the […]

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  • Am so glad to have found this link,. I love the word of God so much but at the same time its my weakness to read it. The 6 obstacles observed above applies alot on me but thank God you’ve shared with us the tips. With your support, am confident its not too late for me to start again.
    Be blessed Admin.

    Wamala 8 years ago

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