28 Aug 2009

Amazing Example of ‘Love Your Enemy’

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Truth be told, I am not sure I have any real enemies. I am sure there are some people out there that don’t like me. I have had people say ugly things behind my back and then glad hand me on Sunday morning. I also have had a few people that suck the life out of me.  I not so affectionately call them my “crazy makers”.  Truth be told though I am not sure I can say  I have enemies who are out to get me. If that day ever comes I hope I have the courage, humor, and perseverance of a pastor persecuted by the Ku Klux Klan that is spoken about in this video. It’s only about 4 minutes long, but it is a very powerful testimony of “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.”  This video gave me pause to think of the many times that I have quipped off with sarcasm, anger or a demeaning comment when I felt treated unfairly, when humor and love where choices I could have made instead.

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  1. Jim

    Great video. I have a close friend who sometimes lashes out at those she is close to with cruel or belittling remarks. I understand why she does this, knowing the cruel treatment she endured as she grew up. That knowledge does not make remarks any less hurtful, though. Lately, I have been praying that I would be able to deflect such comments with humor rather than by replying in kind. I have been amazed that such replies ease my hurt and have diminished the frequency of her hurtful comments. I wonder if others have had the same experience.

  2. John Arnold

    I think part of the lesson of this video too is just the raw perseverance it takes not to retaliate verbally. It’s hard when some one catches you off guard and really pushes one of your buttons. I suspect that this preacher prayed for Johnny many many hours. I would love to see an interview with him as well. Thanks for commenting and hang in there with your friend.

  3. Elena Jeffus

    John, oddly enough, Rev. Watts was from McAlester, OK, my hometown. I went to school with his adopted daughter, Tia, she was a year behind me. I remember hearing this story from my mom growing up. I never knew him personally, wish I had! Amazing.

  4. admin

    How cool. Thanks for sharing your personal brush with this. It puts even more of a face to the events. As I wrote the post I reflected on my own complaints with life. When I consider my ‘trials’ along side Rev. Watts very tangible persecutions, I realize what a blessed relatively trouble free life I have had. This awareness moves me to both thanks and challenges me a bit.

  5. What a great story of an amazing man. The most impressive part of me was Rev. Watson’s continued determination to love in the face of hate. To do it once is one thing, but to not let the haters win time after time after time is a testament to some fierce faith.

  6. Laurie

    I need to work on this with my mother-in-law. It is difficult to get past the resentment I feel for her for having thrown so much turmoil and heartache into my marriage and life. I have a problem with all my negative feelings for her. I prey for God to love her for me because I just don’t have much in there for her. I don’t like it but…….whenever I have reached out to her, I have been bitten.

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