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Manifesto progress: Gift giving, seeds sewn and old men playing duck, duck, goose.


A couple of nights ago we offered free babysitting for parents who wanted a night out. The parents could go on a date, wrap presents, or finish up shopping. Whatever they wanted to do. We made ginger bread houses with the kids, crafts, and read story books. My favorite was reading, A Tale of Three Trees. The older kids (mid-elementary) took turns reading the pages to the younger kids. In the spirit of my manifesto of approaching Christmas with a child-like spirit, I played duck, duck, goose with some of the kids. I don’t think I will ever forget one of the 8 year

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Prayer Journaling 3, Resistance

When I start a new spiritual discipline I have a lot energy around it, but after a couple of weeks when the novelty of newness wears off I find that I start resisting doing it.  I discovered this past Sunday many of our youth are just like me.  They are still working hard at their prayer journals, but the second week it was harder to be motivated.  We are at the intersection of “wanting” and “committed”.   The difference between wanting something and being committed to it is whether or not you are willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

My experience has been that in every new discipline you reach

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Prayer Journaling Difficulties and Solutions

Our youth have been prayer journaling for a week now using a method that I outlined in the Prayer Journaling Orientation video posted a week ago.  Last Sunday we discussed their experiences.  In today’s brief video I share 5 common difficulties they encountered and 3 “triggers” for being consistent.  They have had some really awesome God-incidence stories happen because of their prayer journaling.  I can’t wait to see what a couple more weeks of journaling is going to yield.  You can expect more video posts on the lessons they learn.

On another note…Today’s video has a cleaner , crisper audio signal with more volume range over prior videos.  Unfortunately, in my efforts

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Prayer Journal Passages

In my last post, I gave you a video tutorial on one method of prayer journaling. It struck me afterwards that some of you might be curious about the scripture passages that our youth are using. I gave each youth an envelope with fourteen verses and told them to just randomly pick one each day. All of the verses are associated with prayer in some way. If you want to join us, here are the verses we are drawing from to get you started.  They are in no particular order.

  • Matthew 6:5-8
  • Psalm 100
  • Philippians 4:8-9
  • Matthew 6:25-26
  • Luke 17:12-19
  • Luke 1:46-55
  • Philippians 4:4-7
  • Mark 14:32-42
  • Psalm 46:1-5,10-11
  • Luke 11:9-13
  • Psalm 34:1-8
  • Luke 18:10-14
  • Jonah 2:1-10
  • Genesis 28:11-19

Also, I mentioned in the video noting the subject of the passage you are journaling on, but I really didn’t say much

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Prayer Journaling Orientation

Our youth group this past week began a three week journey into prayer journaling.  We are starting with a method that I have used intermittently for over 20 years.  This five minute video outlines the process.  This discipline really enhances my relationship with God.  Specifically, I see God more clearly and I apply scripture more frequently when I journal daily using this method.  My journaling frequently takes as little as five or ten minutes.  I hope you will try it.  May it be a blessing to you from The Practical Disciple.

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